Have you ever been in Madagascar?

Madagascar is an island state located in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, facing Mozambique.
It is one of the largest island of the world and houses more than the 5% of the global animal species.


The climate of Madagascar is tropical, but varies from local to locality. The eastern area, because of its exposure to the monsoon flows, is very rainy and is often also driven by cyclones. While, in the West and in the South, the climate is subdesert.
What about temperatures?
Generally, temperatures are high throughout the year. But in the mountain areas the climate is hot in summer and cold in winter. The rains are concentrated from November to March in the whole country except the southern zone: here the rains are very rare.


Malagasy is the official language of Madagascar, but even French is spoken in this country because of the influences of the past.


This country has as main activities the agriculture, ecotourism and private business (for instance the textile manufacturing).
Madagascar imports raw materials, fuels, machinery, industrial equipment and chemicals while it exports primary and mineral products.
In 2005, the country announced that it had discovered oil deposits, a resource that could play an important role in the economic growth of the African island
Even if there are these elements of commercial exchange, the trade balance is in deficit.
In fact, the industrial sector is underdeveloped and the benefits are not equally distributed among the population.
Accordingly, Madagascar is considerated one of the poorest country of the world.


In Madagascar there is a sort of ethnic mosaic because of the various influences caused by historical events.
Arab, Indian, and European influences are visible in the coastal area. While, a minority of people (mainly located on the highlands), has some somatic and cultural features that relates to the Asian.


The most common means of transport is the taxi-brousse, a bussines with a capacity of 15 people, covering large and medium distances. In case of long journeys, it is desirable to book the place, which is important for drivers who are waiting for the car to be fully booked before leaving.
In addition, there are four main railway lines in Madagascar. Nevertheless, network maintenance is unsatisfactory and the inconveniences are part of the daily routine.
There is also the presence of taxis: but they are very expensive for the majority of the population.


The mobile phone market is already liberalized and highly competitive. Three French-language newspapers are published in Madagascar.
However, as in the majority of the African countries, radio and television are the main means of disseminating information, especially in rural areas.


Food and drinks:
The main dish of Madagascar is rice.
The inhabitants eat this meal frequently and they accompained it with other ingredients such as chicken, pork, fish or zebù.
Also fruit has its own importance: there is a large production of pineapples, mango and banas, which are the main tropical fruit.
About the drinks, Tuaka gasy, wines, Betsabetsa, Rhum and beer are the main protagonists.


The capital:
Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. Here there is the major concentration of population because of it offers various services. For instance, in terms of culture, it houses an important University and the “Collège rural d’Ambatobe”.
While, from a religious perspective, Antananarivo is a multi-ethnic city: there are about fifty churches and a Muslim mosque.
During the last fifty years (before their independence of the 1960), this city has seen an interesting development, mainly in terms of transport. In fact, it has really improved its railing and airport services.

Where Will It End – Musica for Africa

Two years ago, a brutal tragedy reached Africa: the Massacre of Garissa.

What do you know about it?
This human tragedy was a work of people who were against the Kenyan government.
On April 2 (2015), a group of guerrilla fighters reached the campus of Garissa. Because of religious and political reasons they killed many students and the guardians of the university, with the use of bombs.

Just because they were Christians or they professed a different religion they were killed.

It is impossible for the African (and for human beings in general) to forget this terrible event.

Thus, many humanitarian project have been promoted to remember this day.

For instance, in the music field, two important African reggae artists and the Italian writer and producer Mariano have launched the project “Musica for Africa“, which has two main aims: remember this human tragedy but also send a positive message to the inhabitants of the Kenyan country: they have to fight for their freedom, against any type or racial discrimination.
Accordingly, they have composed a song, named “Where Will it End”, which has saw the collaboration of Nikki Turner, the writer of the lyrics.

In addition, “Where Will It End” has two versions. In the first, there is the participation of two African artists: Thuthukani Cele and Mermans Mosengo.This great work also includes the collaboration of the choir Wits of the University of Johannesburg. They played the song by Mariano using the unique style of the African tribal chants.

In the second version of “Where Will it end” the song is in English. This because there is the voice collaboration of the New York singer Clayton Bryant, who collaborated with various important artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Sting, Aretha Franklin, John Legend, Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.
Finally, there is the participation of the Soweto Gospel Choir, who is famous in various countries.

The song is already available in online stores since 31st of March.


Let’s discover their lyrics and the official video!

Lyrics of “Where Will it End”:

When all of your dreams have turned to nightmares
And all of your days seems dark as night
When you are the danger in every shadow
Then only you can make it right

Tell me how can you hate me
When you don’t know me
And who said you should hurt me
Before we’ve met
And tell me who was it told you
That I could never be your friend
So many lies

Where will it end
Time doesn’t care what road we walk down
Our choice the dark road or the light
We have such a tiny window to live our lives
And only we can make it right

Tell me how can you hate me
When you don’t know me
And who said you should kill me
Before we’ve met
And tell me who was it told you
That I could never be your friend
So many lies

Where will it end

©Nikki Turner April 2015


The Youtube Video:

Collateral Beauty (2016): the Plot

Collateral Beauty is a movie released in December 2016 and directed by David Frankel.

Let’s discover the plot!

The advertising executive Howard Inlet is reduced to a difficult mental state: depressed, borderline, lonely and suicidal after the tragic death of his young daughter. His friends and business partners Whit Yardsham, Claire Wilson and Simon Scott, whom he dismissed, are very worried for his mental health as well as for the future of their company, also because the negative behavior of Howard has cost them many profits and has brought them on bankruptcy.

The only way they can get out of this situation is to sell the company. To this end, the three friends take a private investigator, named Sally Price, in order to obtain the proof that Howard is not suitable to run the company.
Thus, Sally intercepts the letters that Howard directed to the abstract concepts of “Love”, “Time” and “Death.” Whit, Claire and Simon hire a trio of actors (Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte) who will meet Howard impersonating the concepts of “Love”, “Time” and “Death”, responding to his letters.
Sally will record a video of these meetings and then digitally erase Aimee shapes, Raffi and Brigitte to bring up Howard mentally disturbed. According to his business partners, in this way he will allow them to sell the company.

During the preparation of their roles, Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte spend a lot of time with Whit, Claire and Simon, who are having personal problems in their life: in fact, Whit is struggling to reconnect with his daughter Allison Yardshaw, who blames the divorce the mother; Claire is looking for having a child after wasting many years of her life; finally Simon is battling cancer in secret, that already has appeared to himself in the past, without revealing it to his wife who has just given birth to their son.

Working together, the three actors give their advice and will push them to solve their real-life situations.

Meanwhile, Howard reluctantly begins to attend a support group and he becomes friend of Madeleine, who lost his daughter Olivia for a brain tumor that led to the end of his marriage. She shows to Howard a note written by her husband to herself on the day of the divorce, in which he says he wants to consider him a stranger.

At the same time, the three actors Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte comparing with Howard again, and railed against him, especially Aimee, for having loaded the pain caused by the death of his daughter. Aimee indicates with logic to Howard that he must allow love to be present in his life because he can’ t live without it.
This inspired Howard to meet Maddaleine a second time. During their meeting, she speaks of the day when Olivia died, in which an elderly woman in the hospital spoke of “Beauty Collateral”. This concept means the acts of selfless kindness as a consequence of the personal tragedies.

Thus, the following day Howard attends a meeting in the office: here Whit, Claire Simon show him the images of his meetings with Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte. Howard realizes that the video makes it look mentally unfit to handle things and business on society, but it feels compelled to express his gratitude for all that his friends have done for him, and promises them that they will support them in their moments of need.

Afterwards, Howard visits Madeleine and he is invited into her house, where she convinces him to watch a video of her husband playing with their daughter. Here there is the surprise: the father of Olivia is Howard!

So pain was the main reason that had separated Howard from Madeleine, and she had agreed to become foreign complying with his wish. At this point, Howard finally recognize the name and the condition of his daughter, and he decides to rebuild the relationship with Madeleine.
Later, while Howard and Madeleine are walking through the park, Howard realizes Aimee, Raffi and Brigitte, who proudly observe them. But when Madeleine looks back at what former husband was staring at her, she does not see anyone.

What does it mean? Perhaps the three actors were gone, or maybe they were really “love”, “Time” and “Death” and could therefore be seen only by Howard.

In addition, Brigitte who represents the “Death”, is the woman who Madeleine had spoken of “Beauty Collateral” on the occasion of his daughter’s death.

This movie has saw an immediate success. According to some people it is a “sad movie” because of the presentation of various tragedies.
For others, Collateral Beauty sends a positive message because tragedies are described under a calm and peace ambientation (Christmas Time) and many elements of the events help to be always strong and to carry on against any type of adversity.

Best holiday destinations if you like the Seaside.

Best holiday destinations if you like the Seaside.

Are you still deciding where to go on holiday?

If you like the seaside and want to go on a trip on a desert island with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, you might need to travel far away on distant tropical islands with palm tress and coconuts just laying around.

Still got no ideas? Well, this article may help you. Here’s a quick list with just some fair ideas for your next holiday.

  1. Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas: This lovely little beach is part of a protected 21-acre area called Smith Bay Park, this white-sand beach has marvellous calm waters just right for a family trip or a romantic dive. You can even have little picnics there and the place is very quiet during the week. It gets more crowded during the week ends with parties and music.
  2. Palm Beach, Aruba: This island is only two mile long and is in the northwest side of the island of Aruba. It is a very lively place with many activities and funny things to do during night and day.
  3. Honopu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii: This beach is also known as “Cathedral Beach” and cannot be reached by boat. You have to swim there from an off-shore boat and the beach is empty most of the times.

This are just three of the many beautiful beaches around the world. There are destinations right for any budget and each one of them has its own wonderful features. Just choose!

The city of Lisbon

Have you ever been in Lisbon?

It is the capital of Portugal and it is considered a global city thanks to its importance in various fields such as commerce, education, publishing, art, finance and international trade.
Also tourism plays an important role because it represents one of the best tourist destinations of the Southern Europe, especially in summers.
Lisbon Airport serves about 20 million passengers a year, and the major roads and highways connect the capital to the other Portuguese cities.


Rainfalls are plentiful in autumn and winter, while in summer there are frequent periods of drought, thanks to the expansion to the east of the Azores and to the north African subtropical anticyclone. Accordingly, the relative humidity can be quite high. The city and the surroundings of Lisbon enjoy a maritime climate with mild winter and moderately hot summer, but it is well ventilated.


The city of Lisbon is located on the north of the Tagus River, which converges in the Atlantic. Here you can see a natural harbor, which gives to the city a relative importance.

In addition, the city is located on seven hills. Here there are cable cars and lifts prepared to overcome the vertical drops.

From a geological perspective it is important to mention the position of Lisbon in relation to the tectonic activity. In fact, the whole south-west of Iberia is affected by this activity. In the past, precisely in 1755, Lisbon was affected by a Great Earthquake because of this phenomenon.


Lisbon has several public and private Universities.
Libraries and museums are several: they include the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and Oceanarium. We also have to mention the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium, located within the Naval Museum, which is near to the famous Monasterio dos Geronimos, in Belém.


The Portuguese cuisine is characterized by a rich variety of tasty dishes. Many of them have been influenced by the various settlements, such as those Arab, who brought garlic, parsley and other spices.
In Lisbon, you can find a wide variety of spices, such as Piri Piri (a type of pepper), cinnamon, vanilla and saffron.

But what are the typical dishes of the city of Lisbon?
In Lisbon, you can eat lots of Portuguese Cuisine.
For instance, grilled sardines, fish soup (à fragateira), clams (à Bulhao Pato) and Pastéis de Belém, one of the most traditional sweets of Portugal.

The dark legend of the Chupacabra.

The dark legend of the Chupacabra

Do you know what the chupacabra is?

Chupacabra is the name of a legendary creature that often appears in the lore and folklore of many parts of America. The existence of this being has never been proved, even though many witnesses declares they have seen specimens of the creature.

The first sightings were reported in Puerto Rico and the wod “chupacabra” means literally “goat sucker“, coming from the words “chupar” and “cabra“, meaning “to suck” and “goat“. The name is linked to the animal’s habit of attacking and killing live stock and goats in order to drink their blood.

What does it look like?

The descriptions of the chupacabra vary from place to place, but each one of them describes this mythical animal as a heavy, with spines going from the tail to the neck, it is also the size of a small bear or a medium size animal of other species.

Even though there have been many reported sightings from different countries, most of them have been disregarded as lacking real evidence or fake. Some sightings in Mexico or or southern United States were actually sightings of canids affected by mange.

Biologists and scientists believe the chupacabra to be nothing more than an urban legend. Do you believe them? Google the chupacabra online and look at the pictures. It sure seems scary! What if this horrendous creature is not just an imaginary nightmare but is hiding somewhere deep into the woods?


Airport Transfers by Car-Executive

Transfer from Rome to Fiumicino Airport

Do you want to visit Rome in a very comfortable way? Choose Car Executive!

What is Car Executive about?
It is a professional service that allows you to stay in a luxury car luxury car (designed by the most prestigious brands such as Mercedes and BMW) with driver, according some features:


– Safety 
– Comfort
– Cleanness
– Reliability


Transfer from Rome to Fiumicino Airport

Transfer from Rome to Fiumicino Airport

Car Executive service is available for any trip to Rome and throughout Italy and Europe.
At the airport, you will find a professional English-speaking person who welcomes you upon your arrival in Rome. You just have to sit on the car to be accompanied to the destination.
In the case of Rome, it offers the opportunity to discover the Eternal City thanks to a complete tour, which includes museums and the main attractions!
Did you know? If you love good wine and good Italian food, you can have the possibility to do a culinary tour!
In addition you can do a Tivoli & Castel Gandolfo tour , having the opportunity to visit Tivoli and its beautiful villas such as Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana.

One of the best things of this service is that it is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week! In this way you won’t have the problem of night hours or holidays!

When is Car Executive good for you?
If you are a tourist and you want to visit the city;
If you are there for business reasons;
If you have some important meetings;
… and even in the case of wedding ceremonies!

According to many clients this is a very efficient service.
In addition, if you have children, you can stay relaxed thanks to the presence of children seats inside the cars!

What about the prices?
The service offers a large variety of prices: In fact, the vehicles available for airport transfers in Rome range from low cost cars and to luxury executive, minibus and buses. Furthermore,  their prices are cheaper than any of their competitors for a Rome Fiumicino Airport Transfer, offering the same quality of service. It will always arrive on time and if your flight is delayed, the driver will know about it! This means that he will adjust the pick up time from Rome Airport based on the new flight arrival time through a very flexible cancellation policy.


How to book Car Executive?
There are many ways to contact this service.
For instance, you can make a phone call or send an email to their address.
Otherwise, you can simply book on the website. How to make it? Choose your favorite destinations and your perfect car (in terms of prices) and then write your personal information!


So it is an efficient and a safe service that it is impossible to not try!
And if you are located in an other city of Italy, as we have previously said, don’t worry! Car Executive is waiting for you!


However, if you want to discover more information about this service, take a look on their official website http://www.car-executive.com/

How to fall asleep faster?

When thoughts and ideas flow into your mind, it is difficult to fall asleep in a quickly way.
However, today we want to give you some advices that could improve your sleep.

1.Read a book. Reading is a great way to reduce stress and help your mind relax. Choose a book you like and some sneaky little page before going to sleep.

2. Make dinner early. Try to eat at least two-three hours before going to sleep. In this way you can be sure that digestion will not interfere with your need of sleeping.

3. Avoid coffee in the nights. Drinking caffeine in the eight hours before sleep can be dangerous for your relax. Stop drinking caffeine after 2 pm: in this way your body will have time to process the chemical.

4. Choose a good pillow for you.

5. Turn off all electronic devices with bright screen at least an hour before going to sleep.They could eliminate your sense of relax, bringing you in anxiety. In addition, several studies have shown that people who watch videos and do video game use for more than seven hours a week have a worse sleep than those who do not.

6. Have a hot shower. By raising the skin temperature you will increase the feeling of sleepiness speeding up the process that takes you to fall asleep. Thirty minutes before going to sleep, take a bath or a hot shower and enjoy the benefits from the heat.

7.Use aromatherapy. Some flavors such as the essential oil of lavender helps the body relax as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere in which to sleep

8. Always keep your bedroom clean, e.g. changing the air every morning. A clean place will help you to improve the level of sleep.

9. Concentrate yourself on breathing, avoiding bad thoughts that could damage your sleep.

Types of Lipsticks!

Lipstick, for many women is an essential cosmetic.
Symbol of femininity, it is one of the most used products for make-up.

The lipstick colors lips thanks to a mixture of many components, oils and colored pigments of natural or chemical origin. In the market there are different types of lipstick lips that can catalog for consistency, durability and performance of the cosmetic.


Let’s see the differences!

1. Liquid Lipstick. The liquid lipstick has a similar texture to a lipgloss but gives your lips a typical dense color of a traditional lipstick. It is applied with a brush present inside the package.
While, the lipgloss is not a real lipstick. It can be worn alone or over lipstick (or a lip pencil) to add luster to a matt and opaque product. Reflected light, it can be transparent or colored according to taste (because it can have various fragrances that generally refers to fruits).
The glossy lipstick is a cross between a classic lipstick and a lipgloss and it is suitable for women of all ages, even younger ones. A good alternative to the lipgloss.

2. Compact Lipstick. It is the most popular one and it has ancient roots.
However, there is also a similar type of compact lipstick: It is packaged in a very similar case to the one containing eye shadows. It is a cosmetic which is applied with the fingers or, preferably, with a suitable brush for make-up of lips so as to maintain a higher accuracy.

3. Matt Lipstick. The matt lipstick is a cosmetic suitable for an elegant look.
In fact, colors are usually intense, but do not give light to the face so the matte lipstick is intended for females from gentle features and not too pronounced.
However it is not recommended for those who have dry and chapped lips because of the presence of silicone in the composition.

4. Healing Lipstick. It is a product that in addition to the make-up function, plays a “protective” role.
It is usually produced by the soft colors that contain UV filters, moisturizing and protective substances.

5. Plumping Lipstick. It gives more volume to the lips, making them more fleshy thanks to the action of the substances contained in it. Usually it comes to hyaluronic acid, but not only, it can contain ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol and cloves, thanks to a local vasodilation effect, make the most red lips and swollen. They are suitable for small and thin lips.

6. No Transfer Lipstick. It is designed to prevent stains on clothes or smudges.
However, the colors of the no-transfer lipstick are very firm and opaque, but there are also some of them available in the polished version. The color content is very concentrated, and when lipstick is stretched it formes a kind of film, which makes it very durable.
It is not recommended in the case of dry or chapped lips, because it tends to accentuate the problem!

Finally, all lipsticks differ about duration: they can be normal, long-lasting (5-6 hours) or indeleble (even 10 hours!)

The tradition of “Panettone”

Have you ever eaten the Panettone?


Panettone is a typical dessert of Italy, combined with the culinary traditions of Christmas.
It is a type of sweet bread that you can also prepare at home, but it takes various hours to be ready!


Let’s discover the recipe!

grams of flour 0
250 grams of flour 00
12 grams of yeast
50 ml of milk
4 eggs
3 egg yolks
160 grams of butter
160 grams of sugar
1 untreated lemon peel in the surface
2 tablespoons candied orange peel
100g of raisins
1 vanilla bean
1 teaspoon of malt
1 pinch of salt

Put the raisins in a bowl and cover them with water to revive her. Sift flour and combine them.

Heat the milk and dissolve within it the brewer’s yeast remembering to keep aside a small portion (approximately two grams) that will be used later. Once melted add the yeast and malt 80 grams of flour and stir until no longer any lump. At this point the dough should rise to approximately 30°, so put the bowl with the dough covered with film in a warm place or in heated oven at that temperature until it became big roughly double of what it was. It should take approximately one hour.


Now combine the yeast dough 200 grams of flour, yeast and the rest with two whole eggs, mix them well and then add 60 grams of butter that has become soften out of the fridge, and 60 grams of sugar. Work the whole thing and make a smooth ball, put it in a blanket mixing bowl with plastic wrap and let rest in warm as before, this time will serve a couple of hours to make it double.


When the second dough has leavened you will need to add the rest of the eggs, egg yolks, and 220 grams of flour. Knead the dough for a long time, at least for ten minutes, or you can use a mixer  (if you want to use it do it even in the earlier stages!).
Then add the remaining sugar and a pinch of salt. Only when everything is perfectly integrated into the ball, add the remaining butter in stages until it stays completely.


Now it’s time to add fruit. So put to dough the grated lemon peel, the candied orange and the raisins (after draining them). Work the dough very well in order to distribute everything in an homogeneous way. Pass the dough on a surface and work it with a little flour to make it as a large ball.


Thus, insert the dough obtained in the mold special for the panettone and let rise it at least two or three hours in heat temperature; after this time cut the upper part making a sort of a cross in the center in which you will locate a knob of butter.


Afterwards, put the panettone in a pan containing water. Bring it in hot oven (200°)  and bake it for at least 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 190° C and bake it for another 45 minutes.

Serve it and enjoy your meal!